• Proparacaine HCl

Proparacaine HCl

  • CasNo:5875-06-9
  • Purity:99%

Product Details;

CasNo: 5875-06-9

Molecular Formula: C16H27ClN2O3

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  • Molecular Formula:C16H27ClN2O3
  • Molecular Weight:330.855
  • Vapor Pressure:9.5E-08mmHg at 25°C 
  • Melting Point:182.0-183.3° 
  • Boiling Point:434.4 °C at 760 mmHg 
  • PKA:3.2(at 25℃) 
  • Flash Point:216.5 °C 
  • PSA:64.79000 
  • LogP:3.93940 

Proparacaine hydrochloride(Cas 5875-06-9) Usage


Proparacaine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic eye drop medication commonly used in the United States. Its primary use is in ophthalmology for its rapid and short-acting numbing effect on the surface of the eye. Ophthalmologists and eye care professionals administer Proparacaine prior to various eye procedures and examinations, such as tonometry (eye pressure measurement), foreign body removal, and some surgical interventions like cataract surgery and corneal procedures. By numbing the eye's surface, it helps alleviate discomfort and reduce the patient's blink reflex during these procedures, making them more manageable and less painful for the individual undergoing the examination or surgery.

Brand name

Alcaine (Alcon); Ophthetic (Allergan); Paracaine (Optopics).


5875-06-9 Relevant articles

Duration of effect and effect of multiple doses of topical ophthalmic 0.5% proparacaine hydrochloride in clinically normal dogs

Ian P. Herring DVM, MS, Mark A. Bobofchak DVM, Matthew P. Landry DVM, and Daniel L. Ward MS

, American Journal of Veterinary Research Publication Date: 01 Jan 2005

To determine the duration of effect and the effect of multiple doses of topical ophthalmic application of 0.5% proparacaine hydrochloride on corneal sensitivity in clinically normal dogs. Duration of corneal anesthetic effect induced by topical ophthalmic application of 0.5% proparacaine in dogs of this study is considerably longer than that reported elsewhere.

Evaluation of duration of corneal anesthesia induced with ophthalmic 0.5% proparacaine hydrochloride by use of a Cochet-Bonnet aesthesiometer in clinically normal horses

Kelly L. Kalf DVM, Mary E. Utter DVM, PhD, and Kathryn L. Wotman DVM

, American Journal of Veterinary Research Publication Date: 01 Dec 2008

Following baseline CTT measurement, 0.2 mL of 0.5% proparacaine hydrochloride was instilled in the selected eye. The CTT was measured within 1 minute following proparacaine administration and every 5 minutes thereafter for 60 minutes.

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