• CasNo:2395723-23-1
  • Purity:99%

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CasNo: 2395723-23-1

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  • PSA:0.00000 
  • LogP:0.00000 

MTTA (Cas 2395723-23-1) Usage

MTTA, also known as mephtetramine, is a stimulant novel psychoactive substance.

2395723-23-1 Relevant articles

Pharmaco-Toxicological Effects of Atypical Synthetic Cathinone Mephtetramine (MTTA) in Mice: Possible Reasons for Its Brief Appearance over NPSs Scene

Giorgia Corli 1,†ORCID,Micaela Tirri 1,†ORCID,Raffaella Arfè 1,Beatrice Marchetti 1,Tatiana Bernardi 2,Martina Borsari 1,Sara Odoardi 3,Serena Mestria 3,Sabina Strano-Rossi 3ORCID,Margherita Neri 4ORCID,Rosa Maria Gaudio 1,5ORCID,Sabrine Bilel 1 andMatteo Marti 1,5,6,*ORCID

, Brain Sci. 2023, 13(2), 161;

The latter analysis has particularly revealed important changes in blood cells count and blood and urine physicochemical profile after repeated treatment with this atypical cathinone. Moreover, MTTA induced histological changes in heart, kidney and liver samples, emphasizing its potential toxicity.

Metabolism study and toxicological determination of mephtetramine in biological samples by liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry

Sara Odoardi, Serena Mestria, Giulia Biosa, Raffaella Arfè, Micaela Tirri, Matteo Marti, Sabina Strano Rossi

, Drug Testing and Analysis, Volume13, Issue8 August 2021 Pages 1516-1526

In this study, we performed in silico metabolic pathway prediction and in vivo metabolism experiments, in order to identify the main metabolites of mephtetramine (MTTA), an NPS found in seizures since 2013. MetaSite™ software was used for in silico metabolism predictions and subsequently the presence of metabolites in the blood, urine, and hair of mice after MTTA administration was verified.